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Replace Your Terminal Emulator

Turning the Latest Trend into a Solid Future

The move by software vendors away from the traditional, permanent license to a low yearly subscription fee that includes all licensing, upgrades, maintenance and technical support has the potential to reduce large corporations’ software costs greatly. The terminal emulator market has not yet adopted this model, though communications protocols and security requirements have become standardized.

The largest vendors, including Attachmate, IBM and Micro Focus, are still charging big prices for initial licenses, and demand large fees for ongoing maintenance, which corporations dare not terminate for fear of losing their initial investment or becoming unable to meet ongoing requirements.

Reducing costs for IBM 3270 Access

Century Software has provided the highest quality terminal emulations for over 25 years, and is now providing an opportunity for organizations to save 30%-80% of their ongoing costs yearly, while retaining all their required functionality and support. This is made possible by replacing and consolidating corporate terminal emulators, and using the latest trend in software pricing: yearly subscription licensing that includes everything.

Replacing without Repurchasing

Century Software has created a new, lower cost way of obtaining IBM host access solutions, the Annual Subscription License. Using a low yearly fee, the subscription includes licenses for replacement and consolidation of all a company’s terminal emulators, regardless of origin and capital spent, along with upgrades, maintenance, technical support, and feature enhancements – available now with our TinyTERM Subscription Host Access product.

Replace Attachmate Extra!® for $30/year per User

TinyTERM Subscription Host Access easily replaces products such as Attachmate Extra!®, Micro Focus Rumba®, and IBM Personal Communications®. Companies replacing and consolidating all their current emulators using our Annual Subscription License can expect savings of at least 30%-80% each year on recurring expense from what is currently being paid. Prices for complete terminal emulation product, maintenance and support are a maximum of $30/year per user, with lower prices on larger volumes.

Reasons to Consider Replacement Now

The most common reasons we hear for considering an upgrade of your current terminal emulator solution now are:

  • Upgrading desktop operating system to Microsoft Windows 7
  • A need for secure connections across the internet using SSL/TLS or SSH
  • Addition of Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server to the network
  • Reducing costs for ongoing maintenance
  • End of support for older products

Whatever your reasons for considering an upgrade, Century Software can help you reduce costs by switching to TinyTERM Subscription Host Access.

Lower Your Host Access Costs by Replacing Your Current Emulator

The release of Microsoft Windows 7 and the need for secure connections across the Internet using SSL, TLS and SSH, is causing companies to upgrade applications such as terminal emulation. When upgrades are required, the significant cost savings from switching to Century’s TinyTERM terminal emulation product line are well worth investigating.

Century Software understands that one of the most common considerations when replacing software is cost. In the current economic environment, reducing costs can be vitally important. If your organization is subject to high costs for upgrading or maintaining your current terminal emulation software, contact Century Software about replacement. Let us help you implement your upgrade or cost savings project in a manner that meets your requirements and reduces your expense.

Trouble-Free Transition

Changes in day-to-day business methods is a valid concern. However, TinyTERM Subscription Host Access minimizes this because it can run side-by-side with your current terminal emulator, making for a smooth transition period. Migrating configuration settings is easy using the File Import menu, which converts other vendor’s configuration files. TinyTERM can be configured with identical display colors, keyboard mappings and a customizable user interface that initially matches Attachmate Extra!®.

IT administration and internal support needs are also reduced, through product stability and full technical support provided by Century Software. Add to that the ease of deployment options that include MSI, SMS and thin client installation.

TinyTERM Subscription Host Access Pricing

With Annual Subscription Licensing, the maximum cost for TinyTERM Subscription Host Access is USD $30 per user per year, or just $2.50 per user per month with a 100-user minimum. Pricing is volume-based, so for larger quantities the cost can be much lower.

Century Software has created the annual licensing option to help organizations control and reduce their terminal emulation costs. The subscription license includes all upgrades, maintenance, technical support and feature enhancements. It is ideal for organizations requiring a fully supported terminal emulation product, with full coverage for operating system and security requirement upgrades.

If your organization uses Attachmate Extra!®, Micro Focus Rumba®, IBM Personal Communications® or other terminal emulation products in any combination, now is the time to consolidate and standardize on a single, lower-cost solution: TinyTERM Subscription Host Access.

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