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What's New in TinyTERM for iOS

End of Product Life for TinyTERM Plus and TinyTERM Lite

TinyTERM Plus and TinyTERM Lite have reached end of product life. They will no longer be updated. TinyTERM Lite has been removed from the iOS App Store. TinyTERM Plus is no longer offered for sale, but is still available for download for existing customers. For new licenses, please purchase TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS for your terminal emulation needs.

What's New in Version 3.1.13


  • The TinyTERM Enterprise keyboard automatically displays after logging in.
  • Connection data is not immediately erased when selecting Change Configuration Type.
  • Added support for validating self-signed certificates to the Industrial Browser.


  • IBM 3151 emulation properly responds to the "Clear All " sequence.
  • Fixed overlap of toolbar with status bar on iOS 11.
  • Fixed problem with HTTP 302 redirect within the Industrial Browser.
  • Keyboard no longer disappears when trying to unlock config from within Web session.
  • The TE-View is resized properly after disconnecting an external keyboard and hiding the soft keyboard on the iPhone X.
  • iPad in landscape gives correct layout whether or not the onscreen keyboard is transparent.


What's New in Version 3.1.12


  • Session stop dialog no longer causes TinyTERM to hang on iOS 11.


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