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“The technical support team at Century Software was an integral part in making everything work for us. We were very pleased with the interest they took in our project. They even followed up by calling us for a status of how things were going in the installation process.”
— Dallas Pilcher

TERM for UNIX/Linux Documentation

TERM for UNIX/Linux Quick Start Guide (txt)
TERM for UNIX/Linux Operations Manual
TERM for UNIX/Linux Scripting Manual

Other Support Documents:

Manual Install for TERM for UNIX  [read]
Using TAR Devices (SCO UNIX and XENIX)  [read]
Unix Install from CD  [read]
Install Errors from December CD  [read]
Checking for Bad Media in Unix  [read]
Error: Device Busy, Can't Connect to Port, Lockfile issues  [read]
Error: Modem Not Responding  [read]
Setup Remote Printer on Unix for LPR from PC  [read]
TERM and Solaris Ports  [read]
Using CRON to run TERM  [read]
Using mscreen with TERM or TinyTERM  [read]
Using ttymon and TERM running on UnixWare  [read]

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