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“I have been using TinyTerm for many years and every version gets better. Keep up the good work.”
— Dave Potter

TERM for UNIX/Linux Documentation

TERM for UNIX/Linux Quick Start Guide (txt)
TERM for UNIX/Linux Operations Manual
TERM for UNIX/Linux Scripting Manual

Other Support Documents:

Manual Install for TERM for UNIX  [read]
Using TAR Devices (SCO UNIX and XENIX)  [read]
Unix Install from CD  [read]
Install Errors from December CD  [read]
Checking for Bad Media in Unix  [read]
Error: Device Busy, Can't Connect to Port, Lockfile issues  [read]
Error: Modem Not Responding  [read]
Setup Remote Printer on Unix for LPR from PC  [read]
TERM and Solaris Ports  [read]
Using CRON to run TERM  [read]
Using mscreen with TERM or TinyTERM  [read]
Using ttymon and TERM running on UnixWare  [read]

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