Create an Industrial Browser Configuration

Once you've selected a Web Browser configuration type, you'll need the connection specifics. At a minimum, you need the Hostname or IP address of the Web server.

Connection Settings

Enter a name in the Browser Configuration field, then enter the URL in the Connection field. For secure connections, change http:// to https://.

Hide Title Bar prevents the TinyTERM title bar from displaying, which provides more screen space. When this is on, the title bar can be accessed by tapping the faded down arrow at top right of the browser, just below the Android device's battery icon.

Hide Address Bar hides the URL while in the browser. The URL is normally displayed in the Title Bar. With this switch on, it does not display. If Hide Title Bar is set, this switch has no immediate effect, as the URL is automatically hidden in that case.

Scan Sends CR appends a carriage return (ASCII 13) to every barcode scan. This may not have any effect with Bluetooth scanners, as many of those use the HID interface. Scans from HID devices are read as keyboard input.

Saving the Configuration

When finished, touch the back arrow to save the new configuration and return to the main screen. Or touch the Connect button to save the configuration and connect immediately.

Once a configuration is saved, you can launch it by selecting the name in the list of configurations.

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