TinyTERM for Android supports several gestures. These are designed to make TinyTERM easier to use, whether by offering quick access to commonly used features, or by allowing you to customize TinyTERM's appearance and behavior.

Emulator Screen

All these operations take place in the emulation or browser portion of the screen. The keyboard area is reserved for key operations, even when it's transparent.

  • Tap and drag
    Holding and moving a single finger on the screen moves around the view port. If the text is minimized, then it will all fit on screen, so no dragging is needed.
  • Double tap
    Double-tapping the emulator screen displays or hides the keyboard.
  • Pinch zoom
    This resizes the font between full size and fitting all text in the view port. Any size in between is available.

Configure Button

The Configure button at top right of the emulator screen opens the list of configurations. This also provides access to the Global Settings.

Keyboard Swipe

Swiping left or right on the keyboard with a single finger switches between different keyboard layouts.

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