Host TE Proxy Settings

TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server provides proxy services and session persistence for TinyTERM Enterprise for Android clients. This allows TinyTERM Enterprise to connect through the TE Server, which maintains the connection to the UNIX, Linux or mainframe host.

This is especially useful in situations where the mobile device may not have a reliable WiFi connection. If the mobile device loses its connection to TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server, the connection to the host is still available. Reconnecting causes the existing login to come back up on the mobile device, in the same state where it was left off.

Once configured, this is transparent to the user. The connection looks and acts exactly the same as a direct (non-proxy) connection. But it has the added benefit of stability in all circumstances.

Configure HTE Settings

HTE Proxy Host is the name or IP address of the TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server that will provide proxy and persistence services.

HTE Proxy Port defaults to 8000. This can be changed to a custom port if needed.

If the connection is secured with SSL/TLS, turn on the SSL/TLS Enabled switch. Likewise, the Certificate Validation switch should be turned on if an SSL security certificate is required to make the proxy connection.