Sync Files

TinyTERM Enterprise for Android can import .ttconfig files created on other Android or iOS devices. These can be unmodified TinyTERMConfig.ttconfig files, or custom ones that have been edited to add keyboard layouts or other custom features.

Importing via File Sharing

Any application that allows file sharing with the Android device can transfer it to TinyTERM. This includes email attachments, Google Drive and similar apps. Simply select the email attachment or the app's share button to import the file.

This opens the list of applications that can use the file. Select TinyTERM, then tap Always to open the file. TinyTERM Enterprise will import the file. If there are duplicate configuration names, TinyTERM will offer to replace the existing configuration of the same name. Once import has finished, TinyTERM comes to the foreground.

Importing from Local Storage

A .ttconfig file can also be copied to the device's internal storage, then loaded automatically when TinyTERM Enterprise starts. This restores the same settings every time the app is opened, reversing any changes that might have been made manually.

To use this method, create a Century folder in the root of the device's internal storage. Copy the desired .ttconfig file into that Century folder. It will automatically import the next time TinyTERM Enterprise starts.

Using Imported Files

After importing a file, new sessions will display in the list of configurations. New keyboard layouts will be available in appropriate connections. Imported .tpx files are added to the list of configurations, with all available settings ported over.

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