TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS Crash Reporter

TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS includes a crash reporter facility. When an iOS app crashes, it generates a crash log. TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS can send these crash logs directly to Century Software's support team.

Sending the Crash Log

If TinyTERM Enterprise crashes, the next time you start the app it will offer to send the crash log to Century Software. You may send the crash log via email or through a Web connection. The log is then sent as a binary file attachment, along with any existing debug log.

Providing Additional Information

If possible, with the crash log please provide step-by-step instructions for causing the crash. If it was a one-time event, unable to be repeated, describe the steps that led to the crash. This will help us isolate and fix any problem in TinyTERM that may have led to the error.

Century Software Technical Support

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