Create an Industrial Browser Configuration

To set up a new Industrial Browser configuration, you'll need the connection specifics. At a minimum, you need the URL of the Web server. This can be a hostname or an IP address.

Connection Settings

Enter the URL, or tap Use Demo Application to access a sample Web page that does not require an Internet connection. Instead, it's stored as a local file on the iOS device.

If Launch QR Code is on, scanning a QR code causes the browser to go to that Web page. Otherwise, the QR code value is scanned into the current field.

With Scan Send CR turned on, TinyTERM will automatically send a carriage return or Enter after scanning a barcode.

Hide Title Bar prevents the TinyTERM title bar from displaying, which provides more screen space. When this is on, the title bar can be accessed by tapping the faded down arrow at top right of the browser, just below the iPad battery icon.

Saving the Configuration

When finished, touch the Global Options button to save the new configuration and return to the main screen. Or touch the Connect button to save the configuration and connect immediately.

Once a configuration is saved, you can launch it by selecting the name, then touching the Connect button.

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