Host Certificate Authentication

TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS can import PEM and P12 SSL certificates with the right extension. Before changing a certificate's extension, create a backup copy for reference.

To use a PEM certificate, change its extension to .ttcert; e.g., SSLcert.ttcert. To use a P12 certificate, change its extension to .ttp12.

Next, import the certificate into TinyTERM. You can do this by emailing the file as an attachment to the iOS device. Or you can share it through applications like iCloud, Dropbox or AirDrop. Instructions for syncing files with TinyTERM are available here.

Once the certificate file has been successfully uploaded, TinyTERM will open automatically. After this all SSL/TLS and STARTTLS connections will use the certificate for authentication. Telnet and SSH connections will not be affected.

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