Adding a Configuration Key to TinyTERM

TinyTERM Enterprise is available on the App Store with no prior configuration applied. Configuration keys are available from Century Software for both evaluation and purchase.

TinyTERM Enterprise can also be purchased directly from Century Software. There are several advantages to buying TinyTERM direct from Century Software:

  • Full support via email, phone and online
  • Get the latest version first, without waiting on App Store approval
  • Get access to discounted upgrade pricing and bundle deals

Configuration Server

From the Global Options menu, select Configuration Server. This opens the Configuration Server dialog, which displays the current configuration information.

The Product displays which specific TinyTERM for iOS app is in use. The Status shows whether the product has been configured or not.

If a Configuration key has been entered, it will display in this line. The Expiration will show the date and time the evaluation configuration will expire, or Never for a non-evaluation configuration. The last time the server was contacted displays in the Last Updated field.

Adding a Configuration Key

To add a configuration key, tap the Enter Configuration Key button. A dialog comes up asking for your key. Enter that — it is not case-sensitive — then enter your email address when requested. TinyTERM will contact the configuration server using a standard HTTPS connection on port 443, and will notify you when configuration has completed.

Updating a Configuration Key

To update the key, such as when adding a purchased configuration key to an evaluation, tap Remove Configuration first. A dialog will ask if you want to complete the removal. Say yes to remove the existing key. Once that's done, the new key can be entered with the Enter Configuration Key button.

The Synchronize with Config Server button causes TinyTERM to connect to the configuration server and refresh its information. This is used, for example, to update the type of configuration purchased while keeping the same key.

Removing a Configuration Key

The Remove Configuration button is only available after a configuration key has been entered. Tapping it will remove the current key from TinyTERM. This allows you to remove the configuration from a device before replacing or re-imaging it.


When purchased directly from Century Software, TinyTERM Enterprise also has the capability to check its configuration status periodically if desired. A device that doesn't "check in" after a specified length of time will have its TinyTERM configuration deactivated. This is particularly useful in situations such as lost or stolen devices, where the option to remove the configuration manually isn't available.

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