TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS supports print screen for all terminal types, and transparent printing for UNIX/Linux emulations. Print jobs can be sent as plain text or as email attachments in various formats. TinyTERM can also send print jobs to AirPrint printers.

Printer Selection

TinyTERM includes three default printer names: AirPrint, Email and None. Select one to configure it. You can also create a New Print Configuration or tap Delete Print Configuration to remove the currently selected configuration.

Printer Settings

Once you've selected a printer, you can change the Name. The Destination will be "AirPrint" or "Email". An option to ignore print requests is also available.

The remaining four options are for transparent print jobs. Auto Combine Jobs buffers print jobs until the stop condition is reached. This is most useful when the host puts extra breaks in a print job, which causes it to print as multiple jobs instead of one.

If Auto Combine Jobs is on, turning on Stop on Keypress causes the jobs to buffer until the user hits a keyboard key, whether on-screen or external. The spooled jobs are then released.

The other option is to Stop on Timeout. This holds spooled jobs until the number of seconds specified by the Timeout Value have passed, with no new print data. TinyTERM then releases the print job.

Both Stop options may be set together, though only one is generally needed.

Printer Output

This section sets the number of Rows and Columns on the printed page. These can be adjusted to change the size of the output: higher numbers for smaller text, and lower numbers for a larger printer font size.

Email Output

This section applies only to email printers. Here you can set the Default Email address and Default Subject when printing to email. If no value is set, the email message will be generated with a blank in that field. You can also choose to have the printer text in the body of the email, as a file attachment to it, or both.

Print Screen Output

This determines the format of a print screen job: text, GIF, PNG or PDF file. If anything other than text is selected, the text of the screen won't be in the body of the email, even if the "Text in Body" option is set.

Sending a Print Job

To print the screen, tap the PrtScr button on the keyboard. This button is available on most supplemental keyboards, as well as the "10 Key" layout on any main keyboard.

To send a transparent print job, refer to this Knowledge Base entry or to your host application documentation.

Once the print job is ready to print, a dialog will come up with options. For email printers, this will be a standard iPad email message. You can edit the address, subject and content before sending, or cancel the printout.

AirPrint jobs bring up a printer selection dialog. Here you can select a specific printer and set a number of copies to print. To cancel the job here, tap the TinyTERM screen anywhere outside this dialog.

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