Supported Hardware for iOS Devices

Century Software's TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS supports most devices that provide user input options. TinyTERM also supports some wifi devices.


Any Bluetooth keyboard is supported in TinyTERM on both iPad and iPhone. Keyboards that physically plug into the iPhone or iPad are also supported.


TinyTERM Enterprise supports any scanner that acts as a keyboard wedge. These devices all use the Bluetooth HID profile.

In addition, TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS supports three companies' scanner enclosure lines:

Serial Devices

Starting with version 2.1.2, TinyTERM Enterprise supports Redpark serial cables on iOS 6 and above. This is only available via direct purchase from Century Software. Please contact our Sales department at or +1-801-268-3088 option 2 for details.

Wifi-to-serial adapters are fully supported by TinyTERM Enterprise. These devices generally create either an IP address for the RS232 port, or an ad hoc wireless network used only for the port. TinyTERM can communicate with either variety.

No iOS version supports the Bluetooth SSD profile. This means Bluetooth serial adapters cannot be supported by TinyTERM. The iOS option just isn't there.

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