Connection Settings

When you first connect to TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server, the Configuration dialog opens on the Connection tab. This offers a choice between UNIX and IBM 3270 connections.

The Connection tab, has the main settings for communication with your UNIX, Linux, mainframe or other server. Enter the hostname or IP address of the server in the Host field. Select the Protocol Type for the connection. Telnet and SSH are available for UNIX and Linux servers. 3270 connections offer telnet, STARTTLS and SSL/TLS.

Once the configuration is complete, click the Connect button to connect to the host, or click the Close button to hide the settings without connecting. Connection settings are saved on the user's PC, so the connection does not need to be set up again the next time the user connects to the TinyTERM Plus server.

The three buttons below the connection list can be used to modify the connections in the list:

  • Duplicate creates a copy of the selected connection. This copy can then be edited. This is also how new connections are created.
  • Rename allows you to change the name of the connection.
  • Delete removes the connection from the list.

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