Terminal Emulation

The Emulation tab determines the terminal type in use. The dialog changes depending on whether UNIX or IBM 3270 is selected.


Select the terminal emulation from the Model drop-down list. If your host requires a custom terminal type name rather than the default, enter that in the Terminal Type String.

The three check boxes set some alternate behaviors:

  • With Backspace Sends DEL checked, the Backspace key acts the same as the Delete key
  • Host UTF-8 Support enables the full UTF-8 character set, rather than the default ANSI characters
  • Ignore Graphics Parity sets a strict 7-bit implementation of the terminal type, which normally disables display of character-based graphics

IBM 3270

IBM 3270 emulation offers a drop-down list for selecting the terminal type.

Four models are available:

  • 3278-2 (24x80)
  • 3278-3 (32x80)
  • 3278-4 (43x80)
  • 3278-5 (27x132)

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