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End of Product Life for TinyTERM Versions 4.52 and Earlier

End of Product Life

With the advent of Windows Vista, TinyTERM 4.52 was no longer compatible with the latest Windows operating system. Now that Windows 7 has been out for some time, TinyTERM 4.52 and earlier products have reached the end of their lifespan.

End of Support

As with prior products, this means support for TinyTERM versions older than 4.53 is ending. Full information on which products are currently supported is available in this article. Information about older products will remain in the Knowledge Base, but no further telephone or email support will be offered. Product downloads will likewise no longer be available for unsupported products.

Reasons to Consider Upgrading

  • Continued access to email and telephone support.
  • Desktop operating system upgrades to Windows 7.
  • Need for secure encryption connectivity using SSL, TSL and SSH. These secure protocols are now mandated by new government and corporate standards for credit card data (PCI) and health care (HIPAA).
  • Addition of Citrix or Microsoft thin client terminal servers to your network.

Other Operating Systems

This does not affect Century Software's entire product line. TinyTERM for DOS, TERM for DOS and TERM for UNIX/Linux are not subject to the same restrictions. Support for these will continue.

Please note that TinyTERM for DOS and TERM for DOS must be running on a true DOS operating system to qualify for support. They are not supported at Windows command prompts, on Windows PCs booted in MS-DOS mode, or on DOS emulator programs.

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