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What's New in Version 4.6

The following are some of the improvements made for the new 4.6 release.

Attachmate Replacement

TinyTERM Suscription Host Access 4.65 includes the ability to import and convert Attachmate® Extra!® configuration files, allowing Extra! to be replaced with a more cost-effective, fully functional solution. To make the transistion easier for end users, the TinyTERM Subscription Host Access user interface has also been updated with menus and icons similar to those on the Extra! toolbar.

Windows 7

Century Software has developed and produced extremely stable, well-designed products since 1985. We strive to keep our products current with the latest industry standards.

With all the new threats to electronic environments, new operating systems are created to meet these ever-changing demands. With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft has incorporated even more security features to protect not only the user, but data and networks as well. To fully utilize these features, Windows 7 requires that other software programs be updated. Century's first Windows 7-compatible product was TinyTERM 4.60.


TinyTERM Plus includes SSH, SSL and TLS for secure communications.

Security requirements will continually change due to the threats generated on a daily basis. Also, many government mandates (such as HIPAA and PCI regulations) require all connections to be encrypted. For industries where security is vital, Century Software products provide a fully compliant solution.


As 64-bit systems become more commonplace, it is important to know Century Software products are fully functional in a 64-bit environment.

New Installer

The TinyTERM installer was re-written in version 4.6 to take advantage of newer technologies in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2008. TinyTERM installs are now contained in a single .MSI file that contain all versions of the software. This also allows you to completely customize the install to your environment.

Electronic Error Reporting and Troubleshooting

Error messages now include automatic links to our online Support Knowledge Base. This provides instant feedback and solutions for any errors encountered while using TinyTERM.

Automatic License and Order Tracking

Century Software has launched a new Customer Portal. From this page you can create an account to monitor your TinyTERM products: evaluations, registered copies, maintenance and renewal dates. You can download supported products, purchase upgrades or new licenses, and renew your maintenance - all from a single screen.

What's New in Version 4.53

Windows XP SP2/Vista Updates

TinyTERM now interoperates with the built-in firewall contained in Windows XP and Windows Vista. TinyTERM will now identify when the firewall will block certain types of connections and will warn the user to manually disable the firewall under these circumstances.

Multi-Port Serial Compatibility

TinyTERM now supports serial ports up to COM99 when used with multi-port cards or other virutal serial ports. TinyTERM will correctly identify the ports available for the user and allow them to be directly selected from the session properties.

We invite you to download a free 14-day evaluation.

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