Modernizing Terminal Emulation

Century Software is modernizing secure connectivity to character-based applications. Access mission-critical data from anywhere, at any time, with Century Software's suite of TinyTERM for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android products. Our products offer offer intuitive user interfaces and powerful tools to virtually anyone for accessing UNIX and IBM host data and applications.

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  • Secure, affordable, fast access to host applications
  • Over 20 emulation types included in one product
  • Windows, Mac and Web products available
  • Automated script translation for competitors' products
  • Significant discount to replace competitors
  • Fully supported through our well-trained technical staff
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iOS and Android

  • Full support for Chrome OS
  • Modernize to graphical display – no more green-screen
  • Software and hardware barcode scanning
  • Customized onscreen keyboards to fit unique needs
  • Onscreen key remapping
  • Industrial browser included
  • Secure connectivity through SSH and SSL/TLS
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