Export Settings

Once TinyTERM Enterprise for Android is configured to user needs, you can export the settings via email. The settings can then be imported by other Android or iOS devices running TinyTERM.

Export Configuration

Tapping this button in the Global Settings generates a file named TinyTERMConfig.ttconfig. The export file includes all configurations. It can be shared via email, Bluetooth, or file sharing applications such as Dropbox.

Once received, the file name may be changed as long as the .ttconfig extension is preserved; e.g., Warehouse.ttconfig This allows you to maintain several configurations for different needs, and apply them quickly to new TinyTERM installs.

Editing an Exported Configuration File

The TinyTERMConfig.ttconfig file created by the export process is actually a zip file container for several individual configuration files: connections, keyboard layouts, etc. It uses the .ttconfig extension so that it's recognized only by TinyTERM, not other applications.

This means that the individual files within TinyTERMConfig.ttconfig may be edited or replaced. To do that, change the extension on the file to .zip, then extract it with an archive file manager. Edit or replace the files as needed, then archive the results into a .zip file again. Rename the new file to have the .ttconfig extension for import into TinyTERM.

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