External Keyboards

TinyTERM for iOS supports both dock and Bluetooth keyboards. This includes all alphanumeric keys, as well as symbols, tab, return and delete keys. TinyTERM also allows use of arrow, control and function keys from most external keyboards. And the keyboard can even be remapped!

Option Keys

iOS reserves some keys for its own use. As a result, the top row of keys on a typical external keyboard — esc and function keys — are not available to TinyTERM. Neither are the fn, control or command keys. Instead, TinyTERM uses the option key to access special terminal keys.

External Keyboard Supplements

For external keyboards that don't support the option key, TinyTERM allows you to create new layouts specifically for use with external keyboards. They can be created the same way as other keyboard layouts.

Remapping External Keyboards

The external keyboard can be reprogrammed by editing a Unicode file to change the assigned values. Note that mapping the on-screen keyboard, whether through editing a keyboard layout or by remapping an individual key, does not change the behavior of an external keyboard.

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