Session Persistence

Starting with version 3.3.0, TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS includes the option to use TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server as a proxy server for host connectivity. To configure this, open Global Options and select HostTE Proxy Settings.

Enter the hostname or IP address of the server running TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server as the HostTE Proxy Host. If the server is not using the default port 8080, edit the HostTE Proxy Port to match.

If the server uses SSL, turn on the SSL/TLS Enabled switch as well. This will turn on Require Certificate Validation automatically. If you are using a self-signed certificate, turn that switch off. Otherwise connection attempts will fail.

Once SSL is set up, or if it is not needed, open the settings for the configuration that requires the proxy server.

Turn on the Enable HostTE switch. This will allow TinyTERM Enterprise to connect through TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server for that connection, using the proxy host configured above.

Turning on the Persist HostTE Session switch is optional. If TinyTERM Enterprise gets disconnected from TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server, this allows it to reconnect to the same session and continue working, rather than creating a new connection entirely.

Note that if TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server is stopped while a persistent session is running, that session is lost as well.

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