Create a New Configuration

Creating a new configuration is quick and easy in TinyTERM for iOS. To get started, touch the plus sign in the title bar. This brings up the New Connection screen.

Enter a Name that describes the connection. This is how you'll identify the particular configuration in the list of connections. Then select either Web Browser for an industrial browser connection, or one of the terminal emulation options for a terminal connection.

The Change Connection Type button has no effect in this screen. It's used when modifying an existing connection.

Hostname Processing Prior to Connection

All configuration types require a hostname or IP address as part of the setup. TinyTERM versions 2.1.6 and higher can preprocess the hostname string to include a portion of the iOS device name, as seen in the iOS Settings app, in the General section under About.

To access this capability, include the <devname:iStart,iEnd> argument as part of the hostname. iStart and iEnd are zero-based integers that count the position of the start and end characters to use from the device name. For example, if the device name is Device, the letter D would be position 0, the first e position 1, etc. To use "vic" as part of the hostname, the argument would therefore be:


A complete address might look something like this:


Using the examples above, this would attempt to connect to

Note that iOS allows using spaces and other special characters in the device name. These will cause errors in the hostname if used with the <devname> argument.

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