TinyTERM Plus

Terminal Emulation for Windows, Mac and Web

TinyTERM Plus addresses the desktop connectivity needs of enterprise-level organizations that require access to IBM mainframes, mid-range computer systems, and UNIX / Linux, VMS, Pick and Unidata servers. Standardizing on TinyTERM Plus offers easy and economical migration from other vendor's products.

We have been in business over 38 years. Our business has been built on customer satisfaction and our ability to quickly meet their unique needs across multiple platforms.

For All Windows Versions

Advanced deployment capabilities provide flexibility to control and manage the enterprise rollout process. Customized host access configurations can be easily and automatically pushed from corporate file servers to multiple desktops, and are compatible with Microsoft SMS and Altiris installation mechanisms. TinyTERM Plus can be installed directly on Citrix Metaframe, Presentation Server and XenApp servers, and Microsoft TSE thin client Windows Server 2008/2012 servers for deployment without any desktop installation required.

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For macOS Versions 11 and Up

TinyTERM for Mac provides a low-cost, desktop terminal emulator that is easily managed with a simple user interface. TinyTERM for Mac is a native macOS application and does not require programs such as Parallels.

Exact Terminal Emulation TinyTERM for Mac provides secure SSH TCP/IP access to UNIX and Linux hosts with exact terminal emulation, including the Linux console, Wyse 50/60, DEC VT100/VT220/VT320 and SCOANSI. For IBM mainframes, SSL and STARTTLS offer secure connectivity via TN3270 and TN5250 emulations.

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For Web

TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server provides low-cost, centrally administrated, highly secure terminal emulation host access from any browser. Installed easily on any Windows server, TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server runs automatically when clicked on by internal or external users. No expensive-to-maintain Java subsystems are required, and all client desktops are supported. Supported browsers include Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and many others.

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22 Terminal Types

Terminals Emulated

IBM: TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250, 5555-C01, 3151, 3101
ADDS: ADDS Viewpoint VP/60, A2 Enhanced
Digital: VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420
ANSI: ANSI 3.64, SCOANSI, AT386, Linux
Wyse: Wyse 50, Wyse 60, WYCOL
TVI: Televideo TVI912, 925, 950
Other: ADM1

Custom Services

Do you need modifications made or new features added that will make TinyTERM easier for your employees to use, that will streamline processes with improved performance and productivity? Century Software’s team can make that happen.

Under your direction, Century can design, build or modify our product to meet your needs. We have many customers who have worked hand-in-hand with Century to make the custom modifications needed for their applications, delivered within a very short timeframe.

Simply let us know what your custom needs are. We can take it from there.

Configuration Flexibility

TinyTERM Plus desktop products are extremely flexible and can be customized to meet the unique needs of each department and the unique tasks required to be completed by different departments. Customization includes customizable keyboards, automation for one-touch start up, key remapping, macro recording, scripting and more.

TinyTERM Plus´ appearance and behavior can be customized in other ways. Color mapping allows you to easily change the foreground, background and cursor colors for best readability in any circumstance. Fonts, code page, and attributes can also be customized to specific requirements.

Advanced deployment capabilities provide flexibility to control and manage the enterprise rollout process. Customized host access configurations can be easily and automatically pushed from corporate file servers to multiple desktops. TinyTERM Plus can be installed directly on Citrix and Microsoft TSE thin client servers for deployment without any desktop installation required

Onscreen Keyboards

Fully configurable onscreen keyboards allows custom actions and text on a single click.

Multiple Sessions

Open mulitiple windows and configurations to connect to several servers simultaneously. Or connect to a single server multiple times. Mix and match.


With TinyTERM Plus, you have total code page flexibility. You can choose your keyboard code page, the transmit code page, and the receive code page configurations to ensure compatibility with nearly any system in the world. You can choose from the many included standard code pages, or you can customize your own. And to ensure proper translation, TinyTERM Plus uses Unicode fonts, enabling TinyTERM Plus to work accurately with any modern language used in the computer industry.

Migrate, Replace and Consolidate to One TE Vendor

Century offers a very competitive replacement program. The TinyTERM Plus product easily replaces products such as Attachmate Reflection© or Extra!©, Micro Focus Rumba©, IBM Personal Communications©, and OpenText HostExplorer©.

Migrating from your existing vendor to TinyTERM Plus is greatly simplified with built-in keyboard and codepage mappings compatible with Attachmate, Hummingbird, and WRQ products. To further speed migration, TinyTERM Plus includes a number of script and configuration conversion utilities that greatly reduce the time and costs associated with migration.

Call us to find out how much you can save by migrating to TinyTERM Plus. Century offers a smooth, easy transition — scripts from other products run in TinyTERM Plus without modification, and pre-configured keyboards to match all products are included.

Automation and Script Compability

Run your existing scripts from Attachmate Reflection© or Extra!©, Micro Focus Rumba©, IBM Personal Communications©, and OpenText HostExplorer© without modification.

Support for industry standards such as HLLAPI, COM, OLE, VBA scripting and WinHLLAPI give TinyTERM Plus users a choice of mechanisms to integrate host data with local desktop applications and spreadsheets.

TinyTERM Plus includes a powerful scripting language you can use for unlimited customizing possibilities. You can customize and automate host connectivity procedures for one-touch start-up, automate file transfers, create polling, log-in, log-out, shutdown routines, and more.

Support for Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix

Concurrent licensing is designed for Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server environments, also known as thin client environments. In these environments, applications are centrally installed and managed on the server(s). Users access a server through a fat or thin client, and the application is displayed on the client, while running on the server.

A concurrent license key is required for each server, each specifying a maximum concurrent user count, which allows that many simultaneous users to run the software. In an environment with multiple servers, a license would be required for each server, keyed to the number of simultaneous users accessing each specified server.


Century Software´s security solutions safeguard your critical business and personal electronic communications with the strongest encryption technology allowed by the U.S. Government. Based on the SSH, SSL and TLS protocols, Century's products contain strong encryption, cross-platform interoperability, and secure user authentication. These components, integrated into every Century security product, will keep your email, file transfers, and Web access private, safe, and secure.

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