TPX File Settings

TinyTERM Enterprise stores its configurations in files with the .tpx extension; e.g., default.tpx. The TPX file uses the Windows ini file format for its settings:


Not all the settings in the TPX file are available through the connection settings due to user interface space restrictions. Extra options are documented here. These may be added by exporting the configuration, then extracting the .tpx file. Any text editor may be used to add or change the settings.

Edited files may be uploaded to TinyTERM by following these instructions.

Key Description Values

configDefault Sets this file as the default configuration. Only one tpx file may have this setting
0 - Off (default)
1 - On
entryDontSave Prevents saving username and password in SSH connections
0 - Off (default)
1 - On
IBMBlankChar Character used to fill blank fields in TN3270 and TN5250 emulations. Defaults to a space
Any single ASCII text character
ignoreConnectErrors Combined with auto reconnect, hides connection errors from the user, instead attempting to reconnect automatically
0 - Off (default)
1 - On
Offset in pixels from the specified edge of the display. This allows fine-tuning of where on-screen information draws, if up against a given edge is not desired.
All default to 0
pfcols Number of columns to display in portrait mode when the keyboard is hidden.
pflines Number of lines to display in portrait mode when the keyboard is hidden.
sshtimeout Timeout in seconds when waiting for reply from host.
Defaults to 10
telnetkeepalive Every N seconds, send a Telnet NOP to keep connection alive. Valid only for Telnet and SSL connections.
0 - Disable
Any other positive value sets that number of seconds.
underlineFields Underline protected fields in TN3270 configuration
0 - Off (default)
1 - On
wrap Controls whether text wraps at the end of the line
0 - Off (default)
1 - On

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